Doing Business with Government as an SMME

Doing Business with Government as an SMME

"There are a lot of grants available when you are dealing with government – from the dti, and from other development agencies – but the information is not available to the SMMEs at their fingertips." Julius Mojapelo

Moneyweb's Nastassia Arendse interviewed Julius Mojapelo, who is a senior executive at Saica’s public sector division.


"I think for a while there have been calls for lowering the cost of doing business in South Africa, especially for SMMEs – especially as we have confirmed that we feel like they are the hope for better economic growth in South Africa. So I think government has responded and this is one of those ways in which the response has come through in lowering the cost of getting BEE certificates, which are necessary when one is doing business with government – and the private sector in some instances."

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